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Self Defense Level I Class — Sept. 17, 2016


Time: Class is 9 AM – 5 PM SAT, September 17, 2016. THREE BROTHERS SHOOTING RANGE AL-3, Stapleton, AL 36578
Total Cost is $125 includes range fee.
Send email advising that you wish to attend to:
Mail $50 deposit to: Armed Alabama, LLC, 4558 Old Shell Road, PMB 184 Mobile, Al 36608

Lunch: Bring a bag lunch. BOTTLED WATER OR GATORADE

Clothing: Wear comfortable clothing with a hat. Ideally long pants. Students may want to bring their own eye and ear protection, although we provide it.

Ammunition: Bring 100 rounds of Brass Full Metal Jacketed for your handgun.

Phase 1: Legal (approximately 2.5 hours)

• The history and application of the 2nd Amendment.
• Civil and criminal liability if you are involved in a self-defense shooting.
• Lethal Force, when it can and can’t be legally used in Alabama.
• Firearms laws in Alabama including “open carry” & why handgun retention is essential.
• What to do at a police stop. How to talk to Law Enforcement Officers.
• What to do if you are involved in a self-defense shooting & how to go home.
• Where you can carry your firearm legally?
• Less than lethal choices.

Phase 2: Safe and Proper Use of Your Handgun (approximately 1.5 hours)

• History of the handgun.
• Safety and proper gun-handling.
• The N.R.A. Rules for Safe Gun Handling.
• The parts of a pistol, and how to breakdown for cleaning
• Proper Grip, stance, Sight Picture, breathing, trigger control.
• The different type of pistols.
• Review of your own pistol, field stripping it and cleaning

Phase 3: Range Time (Approximately 3.0 hours)

• Fundamentals are first applied, stance, grip, aim, breathing.
• Practice drawing and aiming at the target; scanning for other attackers; re-holster.
• Demonstration and drill of the “R.E.A.L. Defensive System” for self-defense less than 7 feet and first steps in training with that system
• Demonstration by instructor of popular firearms in use
• All students may try out the reproduction Colt single action “Peacemaker”
• Shooting stops when everyone is safe and comfortable with their handgun.


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