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October 28, 2017 9:00 am
October 28, 2017 4:30 pm
36603 State Hwy 59, Stapleton, Alabama 36578   View map
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PRICE $99 + range fee of $26

A 50% (AT LEAST $67.50) non-refundable deposit is due at signup, the remaining balance due 2 days prior to the class (NO LATER THAN NOON THE WEDNESDAY BEFORE A SATURDAY CLASS).




To build on the skills learned in Self Defense I. To teach you how to defend yourself in your home and on the street with a pistol.


In contrast to Self Defense I, 80% of the time will be spent on the range teaching various gunfight scenarios, shooting after an injury, shooting after being ambushed, practice defending your saferoom (shoot fast after being woken up during a home invasion) malfunction drills and in general how to survive and win a gunfight should you be unable to avoid it.


Self Defense Level II is a 7:30 hour course which is divided into four phases.  Phase 1 and 4 are conducted in the air-conditioned classroom. Phase 2 and 3 are conducted on the adjacent range (provisions made if raining).




NRA Certified Instructor Circuit Judge Rusty Johnston and NRA Law Enforcement Instructor Adam Strange. 1




  1. Self Defense Level I (in some unusual cases we will test you to see if you are qualified).


  1. A semi-automatic firearm of .380 caliber, 9mm, or .40 is HIGHLY recommended and properly fitting, strong side, medium or high-rise HOLSTER. If you regularly carry something else (such as a .22 magnum we would rather you bring it and learn to use it well than buy or borrow another pistol that you won’t be comfortable with). Revolvers with some type of speed loader are acceptable, but make sure the speed loader can be carried in your belt in some type of holster. The issue with 1911’s in .45acp’s is the magazine capacity. But, if that is your carry gun or preferred gun, that’s fine. Also, while pocket pistols or mouse guns can be great, as a practical matter it will be difficult to complete this course unless your magazine holds at least 10 rounds and you can find a strong side holster. Here are examples of strong side mid/high rise holsters without retention and with retention:

No Retention (technically probably is a Level 1 or the pistol would fall out).

Level 1 Retention:

Level 2 Retention




  1. Minimum of Three (3) magazines with a capacity of at least 10 rounds or more. Magazine should be either factory, Mec-Gar or another quality magazine. Avoid using Promag or Promag Industries (don’t confuse with Magpul, which is good but limited to rifles). If you can’t find a magazine or your pistol at McCoy or locally, try: If they don’t have it try for a used one at: Numrich, Inc which buys firearms, disassembles them, and sells the component parts such as magazines.


  1. A weak side “magazine holster.” If you don’t own one, many of the stores carry them, just make sure that it fits your magazine. It is usually easier to find double “Kydex” magazine holsters for double stacked magazines and harder to find them for single stacked magazines. We prefer the hard “Kydex” with no top but that may not be possible to find for a single stacked magazine. Try McCoy Outdoor as they are a good selection of Kydex and leather.



Some sellers make cloth and Velcro double and triple magazine holsters that will fit single and double stacked magazines. That will usually work. If you can’t find what you need at McCoy or locally try and you can usually find one. Don’t wait until the last minute as Amazon’s delivery is not as fast as it used to be.


  1. A good belt that will hold your holster snug such as a 5.11 training belt in1.25 inch or 1.5 inch wide.


  1. Long pants for men and women unless the high that day is forecast to 90 degrees or above. Also, some type of cover garment to practice some shooting techniques with. An old sport’s coat, button up shirt, wind breakers, or actual CCW vest.


  1. Comfortable shoes but not sandals or open top shoes. Comfortable boots are best but not necessary.


  1. 250 rounds of brass or bronze full metal jacket ammunition manufactured within the last 10 years. No reloads, remanufactured, or ammunition manufactured in Russia, Ukraine, The Philippines, Mexico and China. There are plenty of excellent foreign companies that manufactured ammunition which is good to excellent. Ammunition from these companies is perfectly acceptable (as long as it is not steel): Fiocchi, PMC, Sellier & Bellot, and IMI. 2


  1. Sack lunch and beverages to stay hydrated such as water or Gatorade (depending on the weather: one or two 16-ounce bottles).





9:00 am Complete registration in classroom




9:15 am-10:00am

Review of Safety and Range Rules; Overview of what we plan on accomplishing. Review of all student’s equipment; cleaning any pistol or magazines that require it.



Update of any changes in self-defense law, review of the law of self-defense. Review of legal and ethical responsibility or owning and carrying a firearm.



10:30am-12:00 noon


Dry Fire: Draw and dry fire at targets.


Live fire: Load two rounds in magazine. Upon instructor’s command, make the weapon hot (condition ONE) de-cock if necessary and take safety off, except on 1911 style pistols. On command draw as taught and fire two rounds at the target center mass, Scan for other attackers. If slide does not remain open, de-cock if necessary and holster. Repeat 5 times.


Live fire: Load six rounds in magazine. Upon instructor’s command, make the weapon hot (condition ONE) de-cock if necessary and take safety off except on 1911 style pistols. On command draw as taught and fire three rounds at the target center mass and three rounds into the target next to it also center mass, Scan for other attackers. If slide does not remain open, de-cock if necessary and holster. Repeat 5 times.


Malfunction Drills: Tap-Rack-Bang. If this does not work eject mag, rack slide 3 or 4 times and put new magazine in.




12:10pm in Classroom (approximately). It is important to bring lunch which we will finish in 20 minutes as time will not permit trips to town to get food.


Malfunction Drills: Such as “Tap-Rack-Bang.” If this does not work eject magazine rack slide 3 or 4 times and put new magazine in.





CQB Close Quarter Combat. Learning to draw and fire safely, quickly and place multiple shots on target at less than ten feet while retreating. Engaging an attacker at Close Quarters based on the Matt Canovi REAL System. Engaging multiple attackers at close quarters based on the Matt Canovi REAL System.



Fighting back after being assaulted. Shooting with your non-dominate hand; shooting while on your back.




Ambush Drills: Standing with back towards the targets, raised hands, when told to do so, pivot 180 degrees towards the target, draw your pistol (similar to El

Presidente) and engage multiple targets at 15-18 feet.


Shooting “on the move”, walking at first, then a fast walk.


Shooting from your “bed” after being awakened by “Home Invaders.”


Time permitting, we will repeat anything you want and demonstrate Tueller Drill with inert pistols and inert knifes





Wrap up. Short and simple test and evaluation

Class ends when everyone is comfortable in the areas we discussed and practiced, generally about 4:30pm depending on class size.




1 Both instructors are certified to teach pistol shooting and other disciplines by the NRA. However, this is not an NRA Class because, in our opinion there is no one NRA class that will accomplish these goals. Under our certifications, we are permitted to teach non-NRA classes. However, many techniques we employ are standard NRA shooting techniques.


2 Ammunition amounts and running out. The Range store sells most types of handgun ammunition. As a convenience, we also bring new, boxed 9mm, .380 and .40 calibers that we will either loan you and you can buy the replacement and return to us or buy it at our cost. So, don’t bring 1,000 rounds over a concern that you will run out.


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