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November 18, 2017 9:00 am
November 18, 2017 4:30 pm
36603 State Hwy 59, Stapleton, Alabama 36578   View map
(251) 494-0095


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This event has passed

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Scenario Based Urban Firearms Training


To teach the Firearms Training basic knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for owning and using a pistol safely and the law regarding when you can and can’t use lethal (deadly) force. just as important when and why you should not use deadly force, although legally justified.
Self Defense Level 1 is a 7.5-hour Firearms Training course which is divided into three phases. Phases 1 and 2 are conducted in the classroom. Phase 3 is conducted on the adjacent range (provisions are made if raining).

Phase 1:

Legal (approximately 2.5 hours)

  • The history of the Bill of Rights.
  • The history and application of the 2nd Amendment.
  • Civil and criminal liability if you are involved in a self-defense shooting.
  • Lethal Force, when it can and can’t be legally used in Alabama.
  • Firearms laws in Alabama including “open carry” & why handgun retention is essential.
  • What to do at a police stop. How to talk to Law Enforcement Officers.
  • What to do if you are involved in a self-defense shooting & how to go home at night.
  • Discussion of criminal defense attorneys
  • Where you can carry your firearm legally? “Legally” does not always mean it makes sense to do it.
  • Less than lethal choices.


Phase 2:

Safe and Proper Use of Your Handgun (approximately 1.5 hours)

  • History of the handgun.
  • Safety and proper gun-handling.
  • The N.R.A. Rules for Safe Gun Handling.
  • The parts of a pistol, and how to breakdown for cleaning
  • Proper Grip, stance, Sight Picture, breathing, trigger control.
  • The different type of pistols.
  • The Different types of handgun ammunition.
  • Review of your own pistol, field stripping it and cleaning.


Phase 3:

Range Time (Approximately 3.0 hours)

  • Fundamentals are first applied, stance, grip, aim, breathing.
  • Practice drawing and aiming at the target; scanning for other attackers; re-holster.
  • Drawing, aiming, firing one shot, scanning, then re-holster, repeat 3 times.
  • Drawing, aiming, firing two shots, scanning, then re-holster, repeat 3 times.
  • Drawing, aiming, firing three shots, scanning, then re-holster, repeat 3 times.
  • Drawing, aiming, firing one shot at two targets, scanning, then re-holster, repeat 3   times.
  • Drawing, aiming, firing two shots at two targets, scanning, then re-holster, repeat   3 times.
  • Demonstration and drill of the “R.E.A.L. Defensive System” for self-defense less than 7 feet and first steps in training with that system
  • Demonstration by instructor of popular firearms in use
  • All students may try out the reproduction Colt single action “Peacemaker”
  • Shooting stops when everyone is safe and comfortable with their handgun.

Important Info:
Time: Class is 9 AM – 4:30 PM – Rain or Shine
Cost: Cost is $99 plus a $26 range fee ($125 total)
Lunch: Bring a bag lunch
Questions: Email Judge Rusty Johnston for more info

Clothing: Wear comfortable clothing with a hat. Ideally long pants. Students may want to bring their own eye and ear protection, although we provide it
Ammunition: Bring 100 rounds of Brass Full Metal Jacketed for your handgun. If you run out of ammo or don’t bring any we can supply 9mm, .380, and .40 at a very competitive rate.

Once you finish this course, you’ll be prepared for Self Defense Level II


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